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[System Engineering]

The increasing complexity of society is leading to the creation of increasingly complex and multifunctional systems and products. Globalisation is leading to the integration of these systems and products into systems of systems. Transport, telecommunications and location systems are all examples of this. Our everyday objects are themselves becoming complex multifunctional products. Our car has multiple navigation, driving and safety aids. Our telephone, linked to multiple systems, gives us access to a multitude of services.

Mastering these complex systems and products is the hallmark of our Systems Engineering business.

Systems Engineering is a methodological approach to the design of complex systems and products.

It encompasses all the activities required to design, develop and test a system that provides a cost-effective, high-performance solution to a customer’s needs, while satisfying all stakeholders.

More precisely, Systems Engineering can be defined as :

A cooperative and interdisciplinary problem-solving process, based on knowledge, methods and techniques derived from science and experience, implemented to define, evolve and verify the definition of a system (an organised set of interacting hardware, software, human skills and processes). Systems engineering provides a solution to an identified operational need in accordance with measurable efficiency criteria, which satisfies the expectations and constraints of all its stakeholders and which is acceptable to the environment by seeking to balance and optimise all aspects of the overall economics of the solution over the entire life cycle of the system.


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[V Cycle]

We use the V-cycle to manage customer projects, ensuring structured management, close communication with our customers and a high level of quality at every stage of the project.

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The ISO 15288 standard

ISO 15288 provides a mapping of system life cycle processes and associated terminology. It covers the design, development, production, use, resourcing and retirement of a system or system components, as well as the improvement of life cycle processes. It facilitates communication between interested parties, purchasers, suppliers and others, based on a common language.


Systems engineering is at the heart of our business, and we wanted to make it more accessible. We are proud to present L’IS PLAY, from GREAT. It’s an immersive experience that raises awareness of systems engineering. In 3-hour sessions for 3 to 8 participants, immerse yourself in an interactive adventure that makes the key concepts of systems engineering captivating, fun and a. Build a “fresco/roadmap” together, while learning and having fun.

Join us for a fun exploration of systems engineering.

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