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A look back at the World Nuclear Exhibition 2023, a complete immersion in the world of nuclear power.

GREAT was privileged to be present and is delighted to have met the key players in this field during this global event. An exceptional opportunity to make strategic connections, discover the industry’s latest advances and contribute to the dialogue on the sector’s challenges. The diversity of the participants and the quality of the exchanges make WNE an essential venue for strengthening our commitment to the nuclear sector.

“New issues are developing in the nuclear field: SMR, EPR2, nuclear waste storage, I’m delighted to have exchanged with the various very enriching and interesting companies that are launching in this sector!”

“The world of energy is in full swing, and it’s exciting for our GREAT teams to be involved in the future development of our energy programs. This edition of WNE was particularly rich in talks and meetings, and guarantees us important systems engineering challenges for the years to come.”

“I found it very interesting to meet the new technologies proposed by equipment manufacturers and the solutions put forward by the main players in this sector. A new adventure accomplished with the GREAT team!”

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