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GREAT Engineering, in partnership with Tangible Idea, is firmly committed to sustainable development by leveraging their expertise in system engineering for the mobility of tomorrow. A thorough analysis of the system’s ecosystem and its stakeholders, along with a careful examination of various economic models, lies at the core of their approach. 

By preparing systematic analysis reports, they aim to address a fundamental question: why is it essential to consider the concepts of “system” and “sustainable development” from the early stages of a project? By fully understanding the implications and opportunities associated with these concepts, GREAT and TANGIBLE IDEA are dedicated to shaping a future of mobility that is more responsible and environmentally friendly. 

The GREAT CAR’s mission

The GREAT CAR’s mission is to be a true innovation in the field of mobility, aiming for performance that far surpasses conventional vehicles. The ambitious objectives defining the GREAT CAR are as follows: 

10X Less Expensive: Through an innovative approach to design and production, they aim to make mobility accessible to a larger number of people. 

10X More Sustainable: The focus on using durable materials and environmentally friendly technologies is aimed at creating a vehicle that lasts ten times longer than current cars, thus reducing its impact on the environment. 

10X Lighter: By utilizing advanced lightweight materials, this will contribute to reduced energy consumption and overall improved performance. 

10X Simpler: Emphasizing simplicity and ergonomics, the vehicle offers an intuitive and user-friendly driving experience while avoiding excessive complexity. 

10X Less Powerful: Advanced technologies will be employed to reduce the required power while maintaining good performance. 

1X Speed: The car will maintain a driving speed similar to conventional vehicles, offering drivers a familiar and reassuring experience. 

The GREAT CAR, with its bold objectives and commitment to sustainable development, marks the beginning of a new era of mobility. It exemplifies the innovation and collaboration that will define the future of the automotive industry, thus creating a promising vision for future generations.  https://wiki.lafabriquedesmobilites.fr/wiki/GREAT_CAR

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