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Île-de-France chapter

Launch of the Île-de-France Chapter of AFIS 2023, The establishment of an Île-de-France chapter within the Association Française d’Ingénierie Systèmes (AFIS) is a major step forward. This would enable regional systems engineering players to collaborate more closely, exchange expertise and contribute to significant advances in the field.

GREAT is strongly committed to this initiative. We are committed to sharing knowledge, supporting innovative systems engineering projects and creating a network of professionals, placing our contribution at the heart of this new chapter. Together, we are strengthening the systems engineering community in the Paris Region.

The evening was a great success and enriched all participants, offering AFIS Île-de-France members an opportunity to get together and dive into the exciting world of systems engineering.

Firstly, AFIS Île-de-France members revisited the results of a survey conducted in June, shedding light on current trends and challenges in systems engineering in France. This led to lively discussions on best practices and possible improvements.

The evening continued with a presentation of upcoming activities planned by the Île-de-France Chapter of AFIS. Members were given an overview of upcoming projects, which generated great enthusiasm for the future of systems engineering in the region. This promising anticipation reinforced the community’s commitment to excellence in systems engineering.

Finally, after the kick-off meeting, a convivial cocktail party was organized, providing a valuable opportunity to exchange ideas and strengthen ties within the systems engineering community. Participants were able to share their experiences, knowledge and perspectives, fostering a strong and dynamic network within the AFIS Île-de-France Chapter.

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